Lunchtime Services

Our main weekly meeting for those working in the Wharf is our midweek lunchtime service. This takes place three times each week now in two locations - at the Idea Store Canary Wharf (Thurs 12.15pm) as well as on the Barge (Wed 1.05pm, Thurs 1.15pm), and lasts for half an hour. Each week there is a 20-minute talk from the front explaining part of the Bible and showing its relevance to our lives today. The meetings at the Barge are laid out in a café-style format with lunch available and free coffee and tea.

All are welcome to our lunchtime services, whether you are someone who wants to explore the Christian claims in a relaxed, unpressured setting, or a Christian who would like an opportunity for teaching and fellowship in the middle of the week. Do come along and see for yourself.

In addition to this main weekly meeting we also run two programmes which meet in smaller groups: Christianity Explored is designed for those wanting to take a closer look at the Christian claims, and The Partnership is designed for Christians who want to meet to study the Bible and pray.

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St. Peter's Barge